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The Association’s first immediate operating actions are to:

  • Realize an annual report on the national Agrifood-tech sector and its standing

  • Organize two annual events open to all international stakeholders

  • Launch dedicated communication campaigns encouraging the dissemination of proposals, best practices, and knowledge.

The first proposals to bring to the attention of all stakeholders, private and public, are the following needed initiatives:

  • Greater allocation of capital resources to Italian startups (on the model of what was done through the CDP Venture funds of funds).

  • Creation of centers of excellence with the critical mass to compete globally (modeled on, for example, Wageningen in the Netherlands)

  • Wide-scale introduction of vouchers and incentives for the professional market adoption of existing solutions in precision farming, food delivery, D2C, online grocery, etc., where Italian startups are already able to express significant positions of excellence.

These initiatives would make it possible for Italy to become a first-rate player in developing new technologies and models and bringing double-digit benefits in productivity. They will also allow the country to face the incoming pressing economic and ecologic challenges with greater robustness.

Image by WantTo Create
Image by Levi Morsy


An Ecosystem for the Future

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